Why shouldn’t you put a bell on your cat?

The image of a cat with a bell on his neck has been common for a long time. We usually see pictures, paintings or illustrations in books and fairy tales of cats with bells. However, using a bell with cats can actually damage them in innumerable ways. Advantages of a bell First of all, let’s […]

How to take care of an aging cat

  An aging cat doesn’t have wrinkles, his hair won’t turn white and his trouble with movement, if there is any, is usually masked by the fact that the owners don’t have the “clinical eye” to see it and by the fact that a cat might be of the eating and sleeping type, moving very […]

Ferrets: No descenting, thank you!

Opposite of what was being publicly said some years ago, de-scenting is a useless procedure, since a ferret’s characteristic scent is caused by the sebaceous glands located all around his hair, not only the anal glands, which are a defensive weapon used in case of fear or danger. The procedure can be damaging as well, […]

Tips and tricks for giving a pill to a cat

I don’t know about you, but I tremble with fear every time my trusted vet prescribes me any pills for my little miniature tigers because I already know that, if I’m lucky, I’ll be left with a pint less blood (that is, IF I will suceed, otherwise my transfusion would have been in vain). So, […]

Dwarf rabbits and how to take care of them

The dwarf rabbit is among the most likable and adorable household pets. More and more people decide to buy this species, characterized by a temperament that is as likable as it is caring and wary in the first getting used to period. The dwarf rabbits adapts perfectly to a life within a house, fitting well […]