Puppi and Ljubi

A picture of Puppi being very serious

Two very different and special friends, which we came to know a bit at a time.

A picture of Ljubi

They are Puppi and Ljubi, an odd couple of which the lady took care for a while. While Puppi was immediately friendlier, Ljubi took her time to trust the Cuddly Cat Lady fully. As you can see from the pictures, that eventually happened and gave us all great joy 🙂

Their owner was quite happy to have left them with us, as well:

Professional, dedicated and passionate about animals. Cuddle Cat Lady is your solution when you need to leave your pets at home when going on holidays or if you just want them not to be alone during the day :). Ambra took care of my 2 cats for almost 2 weeks and she was alwasy keeping me updated on everything sending me pictures or just quick messages in FB or Whatsapp. She also brought one of them to the Vet when he was sick and took care of him like her own cat. I recommend her 200%!!!!

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