Services and rates

Basic service

  • One daily visit

    The price of a single daily visit, you can read below what is included.

  • Additional visit rate

    Rate for each extra visit on the same day and address.

  • Additional pet rate

    Please note that I will not “ignore” pet unless that makes sense: if you have three cats I will not take care of “just the middle one” but if you have a cat and an Iguana which is in its separate container, you can tell me that my attention is only for the cat. Or the Iguana!

  • Dog walking rate (after daily visit)

    If you have a preferred walking route just tell me and we’ll walk that! I will make sure to dispose properly of any dog-stuff.
    +1/2€ per walk, per dog (depending on size)

  • Dog walking service only

    As above you can instruct me on the route we’ll walk. I will make sure to dispose properly of anything the dog leaves around.
    5/6€ per walk, per dog (depending on size!)

What does a daily visit include?

  • Refilling any food bowls, water bowls or feeding mechanisms exactly as per your instructions
  • Checking on the pet itself, taking a picture of the pet and sending it to you
  • Ordinary cleaning procedures such as cleaning up cat litter and similar
  • Other lesser maintenance, such as opening and closing windows or doors, turning lights on and off, all as instructed (I can also water your plants).
  • Administering any basic care the pet needs, such as medication, cleaning eyes/sores/etc., quick hair combing
  • On request: A video call, using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, to see and talk to your pet (if connection is available)

Additional rates

What else I can do for you during/after a visit

  • Major cleaning or maintenance

    For example, if you want me to clear out the cat’s litter and wash the litterbox, or change the rodent’s cage stuffing or anything similar
    +2€ per instance

  • Supply shopping

    You can tell me what are the needed supplies and I will get them for you. In case of an unclear brand or product I will confirm with you before the purchase. All the fiscal receipts will be kept and paid back to me as soon as we meet. We shall agree on a spending limit on my side beforehand.
    2/5€ per trip (depending on bulkiness)

  • Emergency extra hours

    You can ask me to be at your place outside of our agreed hours. I can open the door to your house to your vet or a relative after seeing the proper ID.
    I will also be available to perform all the routine tasks of the daily visits and any that the vet might require.
    I will keep in touch with you via message and will also let you confirm any decisions over the phone with your vet.
    This is subject to my personal availability but you are free to ask anytime, including nighttime.
    10€ per hour, billed in advance by the hour

  • Emergency transport

    You can ask me to bring your pet to a vet. I will need to be able to find proper supplies for safely transporting the pet to the vet’s office in your place of residence of obtain your permission to buy them (see Supply shopping).
    This service will also incur the same charge as extra hours. I will be available for your vet and will refer all the final decisions to you, via phone call.
    5€ per one way trip

Extras, discount and other extras

  • Long distance extra

    Both the daily visit and the emergency transport include 5km of travel. The distance is calculated by using “shortest route” as provided by the updated website of Google Maps.
    If you’re asking me for multiple daily visits, you pay half of this extra for any visit after the first.
    Each 5km over the first 5km: 2€

  • Nighttime extra

    You can request both the regular service and the emergency service at nightime, defined as between 12:00AM and 8:00AM. If I either arrive at your location after 12:00AM, or leave my location before 8:00AM, it’s nighttime. If you’re asking me for a night drive, you only pay the extra once (and not for drive and emergency).2€ each service

  • Bulk discount

    Book at least 3 daily visits on consecutive or non-consecutive days and I will apply a discount equal to days times two percent. So if you book 5 days, that will be 5 x 2 = 10% discount. Isn’t that neat?
    2% discount for each day booked together, starting from 3 days. Max 20% discount.

  • More discounts

    At the management’s discretion, both for old and new clients