William, Kittn and Tilly

William, but his friends call him Willie, is a thousand things all mashed together, a wide-eyed, big-eared elf running around the house chasing the elusive red dot, a puss-in-boots with his pupils wide open, fighting against the colored shoelaces like he’s a pro wrestler.
At the same time he’s a cat with an elegant stance and silky fur.
Most of all, he’s a kitten that will make you feel like you are a giant cat, dragging you into his world of sprints and cuddles.
He also has the luck of having a human mom that takes proper care of him and doesn’t let him miss anything.

The family has grown and, for quite some time now, William has been sharing his space and activities (but not his tins, never the tins) with:


Picture of Kittn in a cat bed

A lovely and very reserved cat, well versed in all the comfiest places, as a good lady she doesn’t trust easily but is full of affection for those who earn it

Picture of Kittn being cuddled


Picture of Tilly lying down

A little hurricane that is probably preparing an ambush if he’s not running and jumping. He loves playing every way: on his own, with hoomans, with (and at the expense of) William! A beautiful ember red cat with eyes that just say “Play?”

Tilly playing with string

Here’s what she had to say about us:

Ambra was looking after my cat William for 5 days and i can highly recommend her services as a Cuddly Cat Lady! I was worried to leave him alone as he is a very communicative cat and needs to be around people, but my worries vanished after i found William happy and playful in 5 days. He was definitely glad that Ambra dedicated 2 hrs a day to play with him, he loves that! I am travelling at the end of the month and i am leaving William in Ambra’s loving hands 🙂 The best Nanny we ever had! Dedicated, passionate about what she does, responsible and kind to animals 😀

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