William, but his friends call him Willie, is a thousand things all mashed together, a wide-eyed, big-eared elf running around the house chasing the elusive red dot, a puss-in-boots with his pupils wide open, fighting against the colored shoelaces like he’s a pro wrestler.
At the same time he’s a cat with an elegant stance and silky fur.
Most of all, he’s a kitten that will make you feel like you are a giant cat, dragging you into his world of sprints and cuddles.
He also has the luck of having a human mom that takes proper care of him and doesn’t let him miss anything.

Here’s what she had to say about us:

Ambra was looking after my cat William for 5 days and i can highly recommend her services as a Cuddly Cat Lady! I was worried to leave him alone as he is a very communicative cat and needs to be around people, but my worries vanished after i found William happy and playful in 5 days. He was definitely glad that Ambra dedicated 2 hrs a day to play with him, he loves that! I am travelling at the end of the month and i am leaving William in Ambra’s loving hands 🙂 The best Nanny we ever had! Dedicated, passionate about what she does, responsible and kind to animals 😀

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