Do you think I missed a most vital question? Just ask me!

  • How do I know that I can trust you?
    Because I’m here. That’s me in the pictures, you have my contact details on this very website and more details in the paper we’re going to sign when we agree to work together. I am not an anonymous “trusted operator” but a very real person with very real references. You can check them here.
  • How is this different/better than pet boarding?
    You have to choose for yourself what is the best for your pet. To me, it looks like the best place where a pet can be is his/her own home. This is especially true for cats and will avoid any stress from being in an unknown (even if friendly and cozy) place. Plus there will be no change in diet, bowls, toys etc. It’s peace of mind for your pets. And you.
  • What countries can you call on the phone in case there’s a need?
    I have no issues with most of Europe but we’ll find a way for mostly any country in the world. I still suggest we keep in touch via message as well (sms, whatsapp, skype, as you prefer)
  • Can we meet in person? I feel that’s a better way to entrust you with my pet
    Not only we can meet, it’s actually mandatory for me to meet you and your pet at least once before even signing anything. You’ll get to know me and I’ll get to know you and the pet(s). Just contact me and we’ll set up an appointment in some convenient after-work hour.
  • How long is your waiting list? How much in advance do I have to book?
    To ensure I get your booking right, I suggest one to two weeks in advance. I can’t normally accept a booking made for either the same day or the day after.
  • Do you have any terms and conditions?
    I will always act in the best interest of yourself and the pets I’m responsible for but I waive any responsibility for anything that is not a direct result of my actions or gross negligence. Should I need your approval for some specific action I will try to contact you by all means available, being the responsibility for said action still yours.
    Given the ongoing situation, I will ask you for an emergency contact you can trust, before you leave, so that, should I be the subject of restriction, your animal won’t lack essentials, water litter and so on. I shall warn you promptly in such a case. Please let me know immediately if something I am doing is not adequate and anyway no more than 24 hours after the end of our agreement.
  • What if I have more questions?
    By all means, get in touch and I will gladly answer all of them! This page also has comments enabled, which you may use to ask a question if you feel it deserves to be on this list.

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