About me

Hi! I’m the Cuddly Cat Lady!

The CuddlyCatLady at work

Of course, you want only the best for your pet and choosing a new friend and caretaker for him/her/them is a difficult process.
So why would you let me be that special one for when you’re away?

Why the Cuddly Cat Lady is awesome

  • I currently live with 11 cats and one extra animal (supposedly human) and they’re all doing great
  • I have taken care of dogs, cats, rabbits, bats and more, I’m not just a “cat person”
  • I also have taken care of fly-eating plants, so I know my way around the vegetable world
  • This is my passion and true job, not some side gig by a bored student
  • I have pretty good references, which you can check out at “Past customers
  • I’m willing to actually give you the helping hand you need, I won’t just get in, drop the food, get out

The Cuddly Cat Lady bio notes

  • Born in Italy in 1984
  • Volunteered with LIPU (Italian League for the Protection of Birds) and took vet courses there
  • Certified volunteer of the red cross, with experience even in firefighting (you never know)
  • Has worked in a number of positions of responsibility, including in the iGaming industry
  • Is currently residing in Malta with a proper ID card and all the proper documents

Last but not least

My red cross volunteer certificate and civil protection badge, so you can trust me even more :3


In all its beauty

and here it is

and here it is

And an attendance certificate for a course on dog training and health, held by Robert Spiteri

I’m a good owner! :3

And, last but not least, my certificate in Pet Psychology, granted by New Skills Academy

Copy of pet psychology certification 4KW27I56

So happy about this