Why pet sitting

Everybody needs pet sitting, sometimes. If you have a pet and care for him/her, then you’ve been there: maybe you need to leave for a vacation, or for a job, some unforeseen errand… you don’t want to bring your pet somewhere else, since he/she deserves to stay at home. But who will give him/her food, check on him/her?

Here’s where I come in.

What will I do for you

I can (and will)

  • Visit your home one or more times a day, according to a timetable we’ll decide together
  • Give your pet food, change the water and perform any other routine operation, including medication
  • Perform other small tasks, such as walking your pet or water your plants, switch certain lights on/off etc.
  • Send you a report to your mobile/email, along with a nice picture

I’ve had a great deal of different pets in my life, ranging from dogs to sugar gliders (look them up, they’re awesome) and you can find more information about me here.

Before you book…

To guarantee the safest service possible, we’ll always have a free first get-to-know meeting

  • This meeting will help to introduce the pet or pets to myself, thus evaluating the feeling I will be able to build up with them
  • The first meeting might be followed by a second one, again together with you, only in the case of special needs (for example, really “shy” clients)
  • Before you leave we’ll meet to confirm your instructions and the keys handover (it mustn’t be the day immediately before I begin my assignment but the closer it is, the more up to date the info I will have on the pet)
  • Now my service can begin!

Can I help you?

I operate from Tarxien, in Malta (that’s in the EU).
Do you want to get in touch? Either fill in the form or contact me directly: