Fuba and Polvilho

Fuba is a real though guy. Cute and cuddly with mom and dad, as soon as they go away he becomes a gangster.

Favourite hobby: bullying Polvilho, especially if he shows interest in human company as well (underneath his though stare he is tender and jealous).
When he plays, he plays loud and hard, no time to waste with tiny boring pounces!

Polvilho is the definition of a dreamer.

With his sweet, intense eyes he loves gazing out of the terrace or the windowsill, watching the horizon, patiently waiting for his humans to return… Unless interrupted by his big bro.
He takes his time to study from afar those he doesn’t know, but when he trusts he comes alive, sweet, playful and cuddly as a kitten (especially when Fuba is not looking!)

Big and little bro, as sweet as full of life.

This is what their dad sad about us:

We were very worried about leaving for a holiday and leaving Fuba and Polvilho (our cats) alone and/or unattended.

Hiring Ambra to take care of them was a really great decision.
She is a proper Cat Lady and the guys fell in love with her at first sight. She knows exactly what a cat needs.

Using their own words:
Fuba: She strokes me and play with me, neither my hoomans do this to me. I love her!
Polvilho: I don’t know what kind of hooman she is, but I ended up giving in to your charms.

Thanks, Ambra!

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