(full name: Caïpirinha).
She’s a little super shy tiger with big emerald green eyes. If you manage to gain her trust she becomes as sweet as candy, loves rolling around and purring like a little tractor. A great toy hunter and a good wrestler as well.

A perfect guard cat, if she hears the slightest noise in the staircase, she immediately sounds the alarm and bravely goes to check it out.
It’s wonderful working with her, she has such a strong personality. Thanks to the human mom who gave us the honour of meeting her.

Here’s what she said about us:

I highly recommend the services of Cuddly Cat Lady !
I was away for two weeks, and I could really make the most of my holidays because I didn’t have to worry about Caïpi, my cat. I knew she was feeling well as Cuddly Cat Lady sent me messages and pictures every day ! 😍 Thank you so much ! I’ll definitely call you again !

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