Bilbo, the little cheetah


Bilbo is a very special kitten, he really resembles a miniature cheetah, not only aesthetically but also in the way he runs and plays. He is a beautiful short haired ginger cat, quite shy at the beginning, but once trust is established he becomes quite a good actor and hooman manipulator (to get a few extra pouches).

As a good savannah predator he loves water, has a heightened hunting instinct and surprising ability.

Happy and lively as few in the world, you can’t not smile in his company. His human friend had great intuition when choosing to adopt him precisely, among the many here in Malta. They’re lucky to have each other and undividable friends.

It was a real honor meeting you, Bilbo has changed my days.

His human had this to say about us:

Thanks for taking care of Bilbo and sending me pictures of him!
After a week with you, he seems even more friendly!
Good job!

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