Meow Fury

A picture of Meow Fury

A courteous and likable customer, living together with a lot of friends in a small feline condo, one of the many havens set up by good-hearted humans, driven by the desire to protect even those stray cats who don’t live among the comforts of a house but still aren’t abandoned to their own fates.
The Cuddly Cat Lady, in turn, has promptly accepted to lend a hand to Meow Fury and all of his neighbors but, being the nice leader that he is, he decided to represent all of them here on our web page.
Meow Fury truly is a gentleman and it didn’t take long for him to welcome the Cuddly Cat Lady as an old friend of his (kibbles might have had something to do with it…). He’s always up for cuddles and attention, be it sunshine or be it rain, and his remaining eye emanates life and energy for the missing one as well.

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