Einstein and Mileva

The sun and the moon.
Two accomplished hunters with very different takes on hunting: her, a white furry lightning, jumping on every toy mouse, feather and puppet, when she goes in ambush no one is safe; him, patient like a rock in the knowledge that someday it will roll over its prey (also soft as moss on the rock – to confuse it).
Two spirits that complete each other, as in Ladyhawke, bringing you into their timeless world and catching your heart (and hands, feet and every piece of string and cord).
Two pairs of deep eyes, gazing and talking. And, with the meow, bringing forth a universal, deep message: “Give us food”!

Here’s what them and their hoomans had to say about us:

We are back from our first vacation since we got our fur babies and thanks to Ambra and her partner Llya it was just perfect. Ambra is absolutely amazing she is not just a pet sitter, but an incredible cat lover taking care of our fur babies as if they were hers. Ambra updated us by texting and sending photos reassuring us on each and every visit. Ambra really gave us the peace of mind we were looking for. Very much recommended and cannot thank her enough!!

🐾 Mileva & Einstein: ”we so much loved our time with Ambra & Llya, they played with us, cared for us just like our mummy and daddy. We are going to miss them…. 🐾 “

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