Jackie, Gina, Mr T, Bonnie and Django

This is among the best cat families I know.
Aside from the hoomans, it’s made up of:


The first and only! Undisputed Diva. Kitty with extraordinary intelligence and royalty, bound forever to her hooman. She’s a giant fluff who loves cuddles when and how she likes. She’s been close and babysat especially for her friend Gina.


Has been adopted when she was about to pop out kittens, luckily she had Jackie to help with their (mis)upbringing – she is a good mom, she has also been one for me!
Her and her friend Jackie are amazing hairdressers and stylists.

Mr T

One of Gina’s kittens, initially shy and and scared. After his teens he’s become a nice big cat who loves mom, scratchies and any kind of string. Professional hunter, goes all in, often without a thought 😅


Has gone through many horrible moments when she was in the streets but luckily found this family had opened their hearts’ doors for her. Initially scared of everything, she is quickly learning how to be a pampered and cuddled house cat.


An old baby with ruffled fur and tender heart. Django has known the cruelty of humans and takes his right time to trust… With time he’s been trying to keep his wild side in check and let socialization and cuddles preval. He is sweet in his way but has the authority of a wise pack leader.

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