Hattory & Giuliano


A client with a hot spanish temperament and a boundless passion for cuddles and games, a cat that is as sweet as he is elegant.
Sporting a tall and elongated silhouette, with a cunning pixie nose.
He would never stop getting cuddles from and playing with those who he trusts and with his wonderful green eyes, he know he can get whatever he wants.


We are glad to introduce you to the latest newcomer in Hattory’s home, Giuliano! (Who used to be known as Teddy Bear).
A cat not unlike Thomas O’Malley, with a lot of resolve and selective in his friendships, even though with a cuddly and docile exterior.
He immediately became Hattory’s best buddy and they are inseparable now ❤
Thanks to the owner for choosing him among everyone else, even though he’s not a “little kitten” anymore.

Here’s what the owner has to say about us:

I wanted to send a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with Ambra and the service she provides with cuddlycatlady. She really showed great concern and care for my cat Hattory and she was very descriptive in her messages to me while I was away on holiday every single day sending me pictures of my cat and informing me about everything important I had to know of it.
Ambra has been a wonderful cat sitter for Hattory, she is very professional and very passionate with animals and with her job. My cat unfortunatly got sick with ear mites and she helped me while I was on holiday to administer fluids on its ears on a daily basis. That was fantastic and helped my cat to get better quicker. My cat really liked her also!!!

I definitely recommend her!!!!

Francesca & Hattory

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