Maddy and Lily

Maddy and Lily are two very peculiar creatures, their personalities being night and day, forming together a balanced Tao.
Maddy looks a bit like a cartoon character, she’s glowing, open and very, very sweet. Her trait is curling like a ball on whatever she likes.
Lily is, at the beginning, shy and reserved, watching from the shadows before deciding if she trusts the human who came to visit.
If she gives her trust, though, she changes completely, becoming the sweetest and cuddliest cat. It’s been an honour having them as clients and we missed them a lot after working with them.

Here’s what their owner had to say about us:

I’ve had my fair share of cat sitters, but Ambra is special. Even Lily, who is very shy of strangers came out for cuddles. Was lovely getting the photos and messages each day to know Lily and Maddy were both well. Meant I could focus on my holiday and not worry about the girls.
Thanks Ambra !

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