Do you know those perfume commercials where perfect looking models come out covered in gold? He’s exactly like that, except of the feline type.
Elegant, incredibly sweet but at the same time strong as an ancient viking, a fiery everyday warrior.
Mr Gucci also has a wonderful secret… a love story worthy of a novel.
A beautiful tortoiseshell with long fur, possibly if Walt Disney saw her she would be the main character in a fairy tale.

She’s his official fiancee, at times highly qualified nurse, that every day, with punctuality, rushes to him and waits behind the window, to check that he’s alright and giving him many sweet kisses.
Summing up: A unique cat and a love story worthy of being lived.
It was a delightful thing to be experienced 🙂

His parents had this to say about us:

Our cat Gucci is very sick so we were a little worried about leaving him for a week. However, our worries were soon put to rest after meeting Ambra. She is highly professional & takes huge pride in her work. She clearly loves cats & they love her. Gucci took to her straight away & the updates we received everyday were very much appreciated. She has strong links to the Vetcare Animal Clinic here in Malta too so when Gucci needed a vet call out, she arranged that for us no problem. We can’t thank her & her assistant/ husband enough! Highly recommended, she will always be our go to cat sitter from now on. Thanks so much!

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