Fluffy, Adso, Noki & Teagan

This wonderful clowder has a surprising variety of personalities. Teagan, beautiful and shy, is the youngest. She was reassured about her first pet sitting experience by the bold and strong Adso (the majestic ragdoll) and Noki, black as coffee, always caring and nurturing to everyone’s needs. All the while, Fluffy watched upon everyone in his grandiose elder cat way.

They’re more than a clowder, with their human they’re indeed a family! Rarely such a diverse and caring family can be found.

For them, their human is Number 1 in the universe and they gracefully “tolerated” me, even though disappointed every time the door would open and I would be there instead of her 😂

Sweet, sharp and smart cats that made the hours fly in their good company.


Here’s what them and their hooman had to say about us:

I was so relieved to find Ambra and Llya when I desperately needed a reliable cat minder to look in on my clowder of four. We met before to discuss everything and introduce my cats. My mind was put at rest that my furkids would be in great hands. While abroad I got daily updates and pictures of how everyone was doing and I was truly impressed how they managed to lure out my scaredy cats – poor things had become really timid of strangers during lockdown. On returning home it was obvious they had been really well cared for and I couldn’t feel happier with how everything went. I can wholeheartedly recommend their services that are perfectly named Cuddly, and have no hesitation to book them again in the future.🐾

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